Don’t Let Silos Happen To You

I used to work with small businesses. You know, where Bob handles marketing, sales, billing, and is responsible for making sure the coffee is ready in the morning. But since I grew up and became an adult I’ve become frighteningly aware of how many Bobs there aren’t in the world. And boy does it cost people a lot of money. So today’s lesson is: How to not fuck up your business by allowing departments to become completely siloed, thereby cornering themselves into shitty strategies that only allow that one department to “succeed” instead of approaching the success of their company holistically. Whew. Mouthful. Let’s begin.

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Gunboat: An Inbound Marketing Case Study

If you’re not familiar, Gunboat is basically THE premier  builder of performance catamarans. Their boats are beautiful, luxurious, and sail at such high speeds, that it would literally scare most people! I know from reading their blog that they have plenty of business to make them happy. What I also know, is that not everyone that wants a Gunboat knows they want a Gunboat, mainly because of of their lack of search visibility. In this post, I’ll explain what they can do to improve their overall inbound marketing strategy, rank better in search engines, and convert more leads. Continue reading…

How to build a twitter following for your yacht building business

Recently, @brian_dekoning sent me a tweet and said, “430 tweets and 30K followers… How’d you do it?” I told him that was an interesting question, and here’s why:


Step 1 – Make an account and follow some people

Step one involved me starting a twitter account. I followed a bunch of people who I wanted to follow and had about 2 followers, both real life friends of mine that I saw almost daily. I followed the latestHow To Twitterblogs and found that a sound strategy for most people was to follow, wait a few days for a follow back, and then unfollow. This seemed to work and I got to about 400 followers this way. That’s how it remained for a LONG time. Continue reading…

5 Actionable Tips for SEOing Your Yachting Blog

WordPress is one the most powerful blogging platforms available, and a huge part of the that is due to the fact that the SEO potential from a content management standpoint, is more than great. WordPress out of the box allows you to do some great SEO and with the help of some key plugins, you’ll be well on your way to ranking in no time. So without further ado:

1. Make sure your page title contains the keywords you’re targeting, and try and put this keywords towards the front of the title. If you’re just following best practices without doing any sort of keyword research, that’s fine, but it should be pretty obvious what the main theme is what keywords surround that theme i.e. if your post is called “5 Actionable SEO Tips For Your WordPress Blog” then your target keyword phrase is probably “SEO tips for wordpress”. In this case, you’d get an A-, but you’re still doing great. Continue reading…

How Retweets Influence Rankings for Your Marine Related Business

I read a while ago on SEOmoz that there was a correlation between retweets and rankings. I definitely agree, and here’s why:

The Experiment

In my tiny home state of New Hampshire, there is an alarming number of marketing agencies. Its quite honestly one the most competitive geographic markets for these types of services, and I’ve never bothered to try and rank for anything, since I’m always trying to help others rank for their terms… Anywho, my piece of crap website was showing up number 40 for the word “NH SEO Consulting.” Continue reading…